DDXPlus: A new Dataset for Medical Automatic Diagnosis

by   Arsene Fansi Tchango, et al.

There has been rapidly growing interests in Automatic Diagnosis (AD) and Automatic Symptom Detection (ASD) systems in the machine learning research literature, aiming to assist doctors in telemedicine services. These systems are designed to interact with patients, collect evidence relevant to their concerns, and make predictions about the underlying diseases. Doctors would review the interaction, including the evidence and the predictions, before making their final decisions. Despite the recent progress, an important piece of doctors' interactions with patients is missing in the design of AD and ASD systems, namely the differential diagnosis. Its absence is largely due to the lack of datasets that include such information for models to train on. In this work, we present a large-scale synthetic dataset that includes a differential diagnosis, along with the ground truth pathology, for each patient. In addition, this dataset includes more pathologies, as well as types of symtoms and antecedents. As a proof-of-concept, we extend several existing AD and ASD systems to incorporate differential diagnosis, and provide empirical evidence that using differentials in training signals is essential for such systems to learn to predict differentials. Dataset available at https://github.com/bruzwen/ddxplus


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