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DC-Bias and Power Allocation in Cooperative VLC Networks for Joint Information and Energy Transfer

by   Mohanad Obeed, et al.
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Visible light communications (VLC) have emerged as strong candidates for meeting the escalating demand for high data rates. Consider a VLC network, where multiple access-points (APs) serve both energy-harvesting users (EHUs), i.e., users which harvest energy from light intensity, and information-users (IUs), i.e., users which gather data information. In order to jointly balance the achievable sum-rate at the IUs and the energy harvested by the EHUs, the paper considers maximizing a network-wide utility, which consists of a weighted-sum of the IUs sum-rate and the EHUs harvested energy, subject to individual IU rate constraint, individual EHU harvested-energy constraint, and AP power constraints, so as to jointly determine the direct current (DC)-bias value at each AP, and the users powers. The paper solves such a difficult non-convex optimization problem using an iterative approach which relies on inner convex approximations, and compensates for the used approximations using proper outer-loop updates. The paper further considers solving the special cases of the problem, i.e., maximizing the sum-rate, and maximizing the total harvested-energy, both subject to the same constraints. Numerical results highlight the significant performance improvement of the proposed algorithms, and illustrate the impacts of the network parameters on the performance trade-off between the sum-rate and harvested-energy.


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