DBTagger: Multi-Task Learning for Keyword Mapping in NLIDBs Using Bi-Directional Recurrent Neural Networks

by   Arif Usta, et al.
Bilkent University

Translating Natural Language Queries (NLQs) to Structured Query Language (SQL) in interfaces deployed in relational databases is a challenging task, which has been widely studied in database community recently. Conventional rule based systems utilize series of solutions as a pipeline to deal with each step of this task, namely stop word filtering, tokenization, stemming/lemmatization, parsing, tagging, and translation. Recent works have mostly focused on the translation step overlooking the earlier steps by using ad-hoc solutions. In the pipeline, one of the most critical and challenging problems is keyword mapping; constructing a mapping between tokens in the query and relational database elements (tables, attributes, values, etc.). We define the keyword mapping problem as a sequence tagging problem, and propose a novel deep learning based supervised approach that utilizes POS tags of NLQs. Our proposed approach, called DBTagger (DataBase Tagger), is an end-to-end and schema independent solution, which makes it practical for various relational databases. We evaluate our approach on eight different datasets, and report new state-of-the-art accuracy results, 92.4% on the average. Our results also indicate that DBTagger is faster than its counterparts up to 10000 times and scalable for bigger databases.


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