DBN-Based Combinatorial Resampling for Articulated Object Tracking

by   Séverine Dubuisson, et al.

Particle Filter is an effective solution to track objects in video sequences in complex situations. Its key idea is to estimate the density over the possible states of the object using a weighted sample whose elements are called particles. One of its crucial step is a resampling step in which particles are resampled to avoid some degeneracy problem. In this paper, we introduce a new resampling method called Combinatorial Resampling that exploits some features of articulated objects to resample over an implicitly created sample of an exponential size better representing the density to estimate. We prove that it is sound and, through experimentations both on challenging synthetic and real video sequences, we show that it outperforms all classical resampling methods both in terms of the quality of its results and in terms of response times.


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