Day of the week submission effect for accepted papers in Physica A, PLOS ONE, Nature and Cell

05/09/2020 ∙ by Catalin Emilian Boja, et al. ∙ 0

The particular day of the week when an event occurs seems to have unexpected consequences. For example, the day of the week when a paper is submitted to a peer reviewed journal correlates with whether that paper is accepted. Using an econometric analysis (a mix of log-log and semi-log based on undated and panel structured data) we find that more papers are submitted to certain peer review journals on particular weekdays than others, with fewer papers being submitted on weekends. Seasonal effects, geographical information as well as potential changes over time are examined. This finding rests on a large (178 000) and reliable sample; the journals polled are broadly recognized (Nature, Cell, PLOS ONE and Physica A). Day of the week effect in the submission of accepted papers should be of interest to many researchers, editors and publishers, and perhaps also to managers and psychologists.



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