Dataspace: A Reconfigurable Hybrid Reality Environment for Collaborative Information Analysis

by   Marco Cavallo, et al.

Immersive environments have gradually become standard for visualizing and analyzing large or complex datasets that would otherwise be cumbersome, if not impossible, to explore through smaller scale computing devices. However, this type of workspace often proves to possess limitations in terms of interaction, flexibility, cost and scalability. In this paper we introduce a novel immersive environment called Dataspace, which features a new combination of heterogeneous technologies and methods of interaction towards creating a better team workspace. Dataspace provides 15 high-resolution displays that can be dynamically reconfigured in space through robotic arms, a central table where information can be projected, and a unique integration with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets and other mobile devices. In particular, we contribute novel interaction methodologies to couple the physical environment with AR and VR technologies, enabling visualization of complex types of data and mitigating the scalability issues of existing immersive environments. We demonstrate through four use cases how this environment can be effectively used across different domains and reconfigured based on user requirements. Finally, we compare Dataspace with existing technologies, summarizing the trade-offs that should be considered when attempting to build better collaborative workspaces for the future.


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