Datasets for Data-Driven Reinforcement Learning

by   Justin Fu, et al.

The offline reinforcement learning (RL) problem, also referred to as batch RL, refers to the setting where a policy must be learned from a dataset of previously collected data, without additional online data collection. In supervised learning, large datasets and complex deep neural networks have fueled impressive progress, but in contrast, conventional RL algorithms must collect large amounts of on-policy data and have had little success leveraging previously collected datasets. As a result, existing RL benchmarks are not well-suited for the offline setting, making progress in this area difficult to measure. To design a benchmark tailored to offline RL, we start by outlining key properties of datasets relevant to applications of offline RL. Based on these properties, we design a set of benchmark tasks and datasets that evaluate offline RL algorithms under these conditions. Examples of such properties include: datasets generated via hand-designed controllers and human demonstrators, multi-objective datasets, where an agent can perform different tasks in the same environment, and datasets consisting of a heterogeneous mix of high-quality and low-quality trajectories. By designing the benchmark tasks and datasets to reflect properties of real-world offline RL problems, our benchmark will focus research effort on methods that drive substantial improvements not just on simulated benchmarks, but ultimately on the kinds of real-world problems where offline RL will have the largest impact.


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A benchmark for offline reinforcement learning.

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