Data-Efficient Classification of Radio Galaxies

by   Ashwin Samudre, et al.

The continuum emission from radio galaxies can be generally classified into different classes like FRI, FRII, Bent, or Compact. In this paper, we explore the task of radio galaxy classification based on morphology using deep learning methods with a focus on using a small scale dataset (  2000 samples). We apply few-shot learning techniques based on Siamese Networks and transfer learning techniques using a pre-trained DenseNet model with advanced techniques like cyclical learning rate, discriminative learning to train the model rapidly. We achieve a classification accuracy of over 92 with the biggest source of confusion being between Bent and FRII type galaxies. Our results show that focusing on a small but curated dataset along with the use of best practices to train the neural network can lead to good results. Automated classification techniques will be crucial for upcoming surveys with next generation radio telescopes which are expected to detect thousands of new radio galaxies in the future.



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