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Data-driven determination of the spin Hamiltonian parameters and their uncertainties: The case of the zigzag-chain compound KCu_4P_3O_12

by   Ryo Tamura, et al.

We propose a data-driven technique to estimate the spin Hamiltonian, including uncertainty, from multiple physical quantities. Using our technique, an effective model of KCu_4P_3O_12 is determined from the experimentally observed magnetic susceptibility and magnetization curves with various temperatures under high magnetic fields. An effective model, which is the quantum Heisenberg model on a zigzag chain with eight spins having J_1= -8.54 ± 0.51 { meV, J_2 = -2.67 ± 1.13 { meV, J_3 = -3.90 ± 0.15 { meV, and J_4 = 6.24 ± 0.95 { meV, describes these measured results well. These uncertainties are successfully determined by the noise estimation. The relations among the estimated magnetic interactions or physical quantities are also discussed. The obtained effective model is useful to predict hard-to-measure properties such as spin gap, spin configuration at the ground state, magnetic specific heat, and magnetic entropy.


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