Data-Based Optimal Bandwidth for Kernel Density Estimation of Statistical Samples

by   Zhen-Wei Li, et al.

It is a common practice to evaluate probability density function or matter spatial density function from statistical samples. Kernel density estimation is a frequently used method, but to select an optimal bandwidth of kernel estimation, which is completely based on data samples, is a long-term issue that has not been well settled so far. There exist analytic formulae of optimal kernel bandwidth, but they cannot be applied directly to data samples, since they depend on the unknown underlying density functions from which the samples are drawn. In this work, we devise an approach to pick out the totally data-based optimal bandwidth. First, we derive correction formulae for the analytic formulae of optimal bandwidth to compute the roughness of the sample's density function. Then substitute the correction formulae into the analytic formulae for optimal bandwidth, and through iteration, we obtain the sample's optimal bandwidth. Compared with analytic formulae, our approach gives very good results, with relative differences from the analytic formulae being only 2 easily to cases of variable kernel estimations.



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