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Danna-Sep: Unite to separate them all

by   Chin-Yun Yu, et al.

Deep learning-based music source separation has gained a lot of interest in the last decades. Most of the existing methods operate with either spectrograms or waveforms. Spectrogram based models learn suitable masks for separating magnitude spectrogram into different sources, and waveform-based models directly generate waveforms of individual sources. The two types of models have complementary strengths; the former is superior given harmonic sources such as vocals, while the latter demonstrates better results for percussion and bass instruments. In this work, we improved upon the state-of-the-art (SoTA) models and successfully combined the best of both worlds. The backbones of the proposed framework, dubbed Danna-Sep, are two spectrogram-based models including a modified X-UMX and U-Net, and an enhanced Demucs as the waveform-based model. Given an input of mixture, we linearly combined respective outputs from the three models to obtain the final result. We showed in the experiments that, despite its simplicity, Danna-Sep surpassed the SoTA models by a large margin in terms of Source-to-Distortion Ratio.


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