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Dancing with the Unexpected and Beyond: The Use of AI Assistance in Design Fiction Creation

by   Yiying Wu, et al.

The creation process of design fiction is going participatory and inclusive with non experts. Recognizing the potential of artificial intelligence in creativity support, we explore the use of AI assistance in creating design fiction. This investigation is based on a workshop on future work in 2040 with Chinese youth. We look into fiction quality, participants experiences with the AI agent, and their ways of incorporating those texts into writing. Our findings show that human writers while responding to messy and unexpected AI-generated texts, can elevate the richness and creativity in writing and initiate joyful and inspirational interactions. Furthermore, for the design of AI assistance in creativity support, we suggest two implications of enhancing interactional quality between human and AI and prompt programming. Our study indicates the potential of applying design fiction outside the design context using a more inclusive approach for future speculation with critical reflection on technology.


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