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Dala: A Simple Capability-Based Dynamic Language Design For Data Race-Freedom

by   Kiko Fernandez-Reyes, et al.

Dynamic languages like Erlang, Clojure, JavaScript, and E adopted data-race freedom by design. To enforce data-race freedom, these languages either deep copy objects during actor (thread) communication or proxy back to their owning thread. We present Dala, a simple programming model that ensures data-race freedom while supporting efficient inter-thread communication. Dala is a dynamic, concurrent, capability-based language that relies on three core capabilities: immutable values can be shared freely; isolated mutable objects can be transferred between threads but not aliased; local objects can be aliased within their owning thread but not dereferenced by other threads. Objects with capabilities can co-exist with unsafe objects, that are unchecked and may suffer data races, without compromising the safety of safe objects. We present a formal model of Dala, prove data race-freedom and state and prove a dynamic gradual guarantee. These theorems guarantee data race-freedom when using safe capabilities and show that the addition of capabilities is semantics preserving modulo permission and cast errors.


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