DACFL: Dynamic Average Consensus Based Federated Learning in Decentralized Topology

by   Zhikun Chen, et al.

Federated learning (FL) is a burgeoning distributed machine learning framework where a central parameter server (PS) coordinates many local users to train a globally consistent model. Conventional federated learning inevitably relies on a centralized topology with a PS. As a result, it will paralyze once the PS fails. To alleviate such a single point failure, especially on the PS, some existing work has provided decentralized FL (DFL) implementations like CDSGD and D-PSGD to facilitate FL in a decentralized topology. However, there are still some problems with these methods, e.g., significant divergence between users' final models in CDSGD and a network-wide model average necessity in D-PSGD. In order to solve these deficiency, this paper devises a new DFL implementation coined as DACFL, where each user trains its model using its own training data and exchanges the intermediate models with its neighbors through a symmetric and doubly stochastic matrix. The DACFL treats the progress of each user's local training as a discrete-time process and employs a first order dynamic average consensus (FODAC) method to track the average model in the absence of the PS. In this paper, we also provide a theoretical convergence analysis of DACFL on the premise of i.i.d data to strengthen its rationality. The experimental results on MNIST, Fashion-MNIST and CIFAR-10 validate the feasibility of our solution in both time-invariant and time-varying network topologies, and declare that DACFL outperforms D-PSGD and CDSGD in most cases.


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