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D numbers theory based game-theoretic framework in adversarial decision making under fuzzy environment

by   Xinyang Deng, et al.

Adversarial decision making is a particular type of decision making problem where the gain a decision maker obtains as a result of his decisions is affected by the actions taken by others. Representation of alternatives' evaluations and methods to find the optimal alternative are two important aspects in the adversarial decision making. The aim of this study is to develop a general framework for solving the adversarial decision making issue under uncertain environment. By combining fuzzy set theory, game theory and D numbers theory (DNT), a DNT based game-theoretic framework for adversarial decision making under fuzzy environment is presented. Within the proposed framework or model, fuzzy set theory is used to model the uncertain evaluations of decision makers to alternatives, the non-exclusiveness among fuzzy evaluations are taken into consideration by using DNT, and the conflict of interests among decision makers is considered in a two-person non-constant sum game theory perspective. An illustrative application is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed model. This work, on one hand, has developed an effective framework for adversarial decision making under fuzzy environment; One the other hand, it has further improved the basis of DNT as a generalization of Dempster-Shafer theory for uncertainty reasoning.


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