CycleGT: Unsupervised Graph-to-Text and Text-to-Graph Generation via Cycle Training

06/08/2020 ∙ by Qipeng Guo, et al. ∙ 10

Two important tasks at the intersection of knowledge graphs and natural language processing are graph-to-text (G2T) and text-to-graph (T2G) conversion. Due to the difficulty and high cost of data collection, the supervised data available in the two fields are usually on the magnitude of tens of thousands, for example, 18K in the WebNLG dataset, which is far fewer than the millions of data for other tasks such as machine translation. Consequently, deep learning models in these two fields suffer largely from scarce training data. This work presents the first attempt to unsupervised learning of T2G and G2T via cycle training. We present CycleGT, an unsupervised training framework that can bootstrap from fully non-parallel graph and text datasets, iteratively back translate between the two forms, and use a novel pretraining strategy. Experiments on the benchmark WebNLG dataset show that, impressively, our unsupervised model trained on the same amount of data can achieve performance on par with the supervised models. This validates our framework as an effective approach to overcome the data scarcity problem in the fields of G2T and T2G.



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CycleGT: Unsupervised Graph-to-Text and Text-to-Graph Generation

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