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Cycle Extendability of Hamiltonian Strongly Chordal Graphs

by   Guozhen Rong, et al.

In 1990, Hendry conjectured that all Hamiltonian chordal graphs are cycle extendable. After a series of papers confirming the conjecture for a number of graph classes, the conjecture is yet refuted by Lafond and Seamone in 2015. Given that their counterexamples are not strongly chordal graphs and they are all only 2-connected, Lafond and Seamone asked the following two questions: (1) Are Hamiltonian strongly chordal graphs cycle extendable? (2) Is there an integer k such that all k-connected Hamiltonian chordal graphs are cycle extendable? Later, a conjecture stronger than Hendry's is proposed. In this paper, we resolve all these questions in the negative. On the positive side, we add to the list of cycle extendable graphs two more graph classes, namely, Hamiltonian 4-leaf powers and Hamiltonian 4-FAN, A-free chordal graphs.


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