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Cyber-Physical Systems Resilience: State of the Art, Research Issues and Future Trends

by   Jose Moura, et al.

Ideally, full integration is needed between the Internet and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs). These systems should fulfil time-sensitive functions with variable levels of integration with their environment, incorporating data storage, computation, communications, sensing, and control. There are, however, significant problems emerging from the convergence between CPS and Internet of Things (IoT) areas. The high heterogeneity, complexity, and dynamics of these resource-constrained systems bring new challenges to their robust and reliable operation, which implies the need for novel resilience management strategies. This paper surveys the state of the art in the relevant fields and, discusses the research issues and future trends that emerge. Thus, we hope to provide new insights into the management of resilient CPSs, formed by IoT devices, modelled by Game Theory, and flexibly programmed using the latest software and virtualization platforms.


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