Cyber Human Interaction

by   Michael A. Rupp, et al.

Cyber human interaction is a broad term encompassing the range of interactions that humans can have with technology. While human interaction with fixed and mobile computers is well understood, the world is on the cusp of ubiquitous and sustained interactions between humans and robots. While robotic systems are intertwined with computing and computing technologies, the word robot here describes technologies that can physically affect and in turn be affected by their environments which includes humans. This chapter delves into issues of cyber human interaction from the perspective of humans interacting with a subset of robots known as assistive robots. Assistive robots are robots designed to assist individuals with mobility or capacity limitations in completing everyday activities, commonly called instrumental activities of daily living. These range from household chores, eating or drinking to any activity with which a user may need the daily assistance of a caregiver to complete. One common type of assistive robot is the wheelchair mounted robotic arm. This device is designed to attach to a user's wheelchair to allow him or her to complete their activities independently. In short, these devices have sensors that allow them to sense and process their environment with varying levels of autonomy to perform actions that benefit and improve the well-being of people with capability limitations or disabilities. While human robot interaction is a popular research topic, not much research has been dedicated with regard to individual with limitations. In this chapter, we provide an overview of assistive robotic devices, discuss common methods of user interaction, and the need for an adaptive compensation framework to support potential users in regaining their functional capabilities.


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