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CWD: A Machine Learning based Approach to Detect Unknown Cloud Workloads

by   Mohammad Hossain, et al.

Workloads in modern cloud data centers are becoming increasingly complex. The number of workloads running in cloud data centers has been growing exponentially for the last few years, and cloud service providers (CSP) have been supporting on-demand services in real-time. Realizing the growing complexity of cloud environment and cloud workloads, hardware vendors such as Intel and AMD are increasingly introducing cloud-specific workload acceleration features in their CPU platforms. These features are typically targeted towards popular and commonly-used cloud workloads. Nonetheless, uncommon, customer-specific workloads (unknown workloads), if their characteristics are different from common workloads (known workloads), may not realize the potential of the underlying platform. To address this problem of realizing the full potential of the underlying platform, we develop a machine learning based technique to characterize, profile and predict workloads running in the cloud environment. Experimental evaluation of our technique demonstrates good prediction performance. We also develop techniques to analyze the performance of the model in a standalone manner.


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