Current eHealth Challenges and recent trends in eHealth applications

by   Muhammad Mudassar Qureshi, et al.

eHealth (Health Informatics/Medical Informatics) field is growing worldwide due to acknowledge of reputable Organizations such as World Health Organization, Institute of Medicine in USA and several others. This field is facing number of challenges and there is need to classify these challenges mentioned by different researchers of this area. The purpose of this study is to classify different eHealth challenges in broader categories. We also analyzed recent eHealth Applications to identify current trends of such applications. In this paper, we identify stakeholders who are responsible to contribute in a particular eHealth challenge. Through eHealth application analysis, we categories these applications based on different factors. We identify different socio-economic benefits, which these applications can provide. We also present ecosystem of an eHealth application. We gave recommendations for eHealth challenges relevant to Information Technology domain. We conclude our discussion by specifying areas for future research and recommending researchers to work on identify which type of disease can control and manage by different eHealth applications.



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