CUI @ Auto-UI: Exploring the Fortunate and Unfortunate Futures of Conversational Automotive User Interfaces

by   Justin Edwards, et al.
University of Southampton
University of Dundee
Utrecht University
TU Wien
University College Dublin
Swansea University

This work aims to connect the Automotive User Interfaces (Auto-UI) and Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) communities through discussion of their shared view of the future of automotive conversational user interfaces. The workshop aims to encourage creative consideration of optimistic and pessimistic futures, encouraging attendees to explore the opportunities and barriers that lie ahead through a game. Considerations of the future will be mapped out in greater detail through the drafting of research agendas, by which attendees will get to know each other's expertise and networks of resources. The two day workshop, consisting of two 90-minute sessions, will facilitate greater communication and collaboration between these communities, connecting researchers to work together to influence the futures they imagine in the workshop.


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