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CSSAM: U-net Network for Application and Segmentation of Welding Engineering Drawings

by   Zhiwei Song, et al.

Heavy equipment manufacturing splits specific contours in drawings and cuts sheet metal to scale for welding. Currently, most of the segmentation and extraction of weld map contours is achieved manually. Its efficiency is greatly reduced. Therefore, we propose a U-net-based contour segmentation and extraction method for welding engineering drawings. The contours of the parts required for engineering drawings can be automatically divided and blanked, which significantly improves manufacturing efficiency. U-net includes an encoder-decoder, which implements end-to-end mapping through semantic differences and spatial location feature information between the encoder and decoder. While U-net excels at segmenting medical images, our extensive experiments on the Welding Structural Diagram dataset show that the classic U-Net architecture falls short in segmenting welding engineering drawings. Therefore, we design a novel Channel Spatial Sequence Attention Module (CSSAM) and improve on the classic U-net. At the same time, vertical max pooling and average horizontal pooling are proposed. Pass the pooling operation through two equal convolutions into the CSSAM module. The output and the features before pooling are fused by semantic clustering, which replaces the traditional jump structure and effectively narrows the semantic gap between the encoder and the decoder, thereby improving the segmentation performance of welding engineering drawings. We use vgg16 as the backbone network. Compared with the classic U-net, our network has good performance in engineering drawing dataset segmentation.


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