Cryptanalysis of a Chaotic Key based Image Encryption Scheme

by   Pratyusa Mukherjee, et al.

Security of multimedia data is a major concern due to its widespread transmission over various communication channels. Hence design and study of good image encryption schemes has become a major research topic. During the last few decades, there has been a increasing in chaos-based cryptography. This paper proposes an attack on a recently proposed chaos based image encryption scheme. The cryptosystem under study proceed by first shuffling the original image to disturb the arrangement of pixels by applying a chaotic map several times. Second, a keystream is generated using Chen's chaotic system to mix it with the shuffled pixels to finally obtain the cipher image. A chosen ciphertext attack can be done to recover the system without any knowledge of the key. It simply demands two pairs of plaintext-ciphertext to completely break the cryptosystem.



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