Cryptanalysis of a Chaos-Based Fast Image Encryption Algorithm for Embedded Systems

by   Imad El Hanouti, et al.

Fairly recently, a new encryption scheme for embedded systems based on continuous third-order hyperbolic sine chaotic system was proposed by Z. Lin et al. The cryptosystem's main objective is to provide a faster algorithm with lowest computational time in order to be qualified for use in embedded systems especially on a program of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). In this paper, we scrutinize the design architecture of this recently proposed scheme against conventional attacks e.g., chosen plaintext attack, differential attack, known plaintext attack. We prove in this paper that, negatively, the studied system is vulnerable. For differential attack, only two chosen plain images are required to recover the full equivalent key. Moreover, only one 3x400 size image is sufficient to break the cryptosystem under chosen plaintext attack considering stability of sort algorithm. Therefore, the proposed scheme is not recommended for security purposes.



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