Cross-thread critical sections and efficient dynamic race prediction methods

by   Martin Sulzmann, et al.

The lock set method and the partial order method are two main approaches to guarantee that dynamic data race prediction remains efficient. There are many variations of these ideas. Common to all of them is the assumption that the events in a critical section belong to the same thread. We have evidence that critical sections in the wild do extend across thread boundaries even if the surrounding acquire and release events occur in the same thread. We introduce the novel concept of a cross-thread critical section to capture such situations, offer a theoretical comprehensive framework, and study their impact on state-of-the-art data race analyses. For sound partial order relations such as WCP, SDP, and DCtp, the occurrence of cross-thread critical sections negatively impacts their precision. For complete partial order relations such as WDP and PWR, cross-thread critical sections help to eliminate more false positives. The same (positive) impact applies to the lock set construction. Our experimental evaluation confirms that cross-thread critical sections arise in practice. For the complete relation PWR, we are able to reduce the number of false positives. The performance overhead incurred by tracking cross-thread critical sections slows down the analysis by 10%-20%, on average.


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