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Cross-Register Projection for Headline Part of Speech Tagging

by   Adrian Benton, et al.

Part of speech (POS) tagging is a familiar NLP task. State of the art taggers routinely achieve token-level accuracies of over 97 evidence that the problem is well understood. However, the register of English news headlines, "headlinese", is very different from the register of long-form text, causing POS tagging models to underperform on headlines. In this work, we automatically annotate news headlines with POS tags by projecting predicted tags from corresponding sentences in news bodies. We train a multi-domain POS tagger on both long-form and headline text and show that joint training on both registers improves over training on just one or naively concatenating training sets. We evaluate on a newly-annotated corpus of over 5,248 English news headlines from the Google sentence compression corpus, and show that our model yields a 23 addition, we demonstrate that better headline POS tags can improve the performance of a syntax-based open information extraction system. We make POSH, the POS-tagged Headline corpus, available to encourage research in improved NLP models for news headlines.


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