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Cross-Enhancement Transformer for Action Segmentation

by   Jiahui Wang, et al.

Temporal convolutions have been the paradigm of choice in action segmentation, which enhances long-term receptive fields by increasing convolution layers. However, high layers cause the loss of local information necessary for frame recognition. To solve the above problem, a novel encoder-decoder structure is proposed in this paper, called Cross-Enhancement Transformer. Our approach can be effective learning of temporal structure representation with interactive self-attention mechanism. Concatenated each layer convolutional feature maps in encoder with a set of features in decoder produced via self-attention. Therefore, local and global information are used in a series of frame actions simultaneously. In addition, a new loss function is proposed to enhance the training process that penalizes over-segmentation errors. Experiments show that our framework performs state-of-the-art on three challenging datasets: 50Salads, Georgia Tech Egocentric Activities and the Breakfast dataset.


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