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CropMix: Sampling a Rich Input Distribution via Multi-Scale Cropping

by   Junlin Han, et al.
The University of Adelaide
Australian National University

We present a simple method, CropMix, for the purpose of producing a rich input distribution from the original dataset distribution. Unlike single random cropping, which may inadvertently capture only limited information, or irrelevant information, like pure background, unrelated objects, etc, we crop an image multiple times using distinct crop scales, thereby ensuring that multi-scale information is captured. The new input distribution, serving as training data, useful for a number of vision tasks, is then formed by simply mixing multiple cropped views. We first demonstrate that CropMix can be seamlessly applied to virtually any training recipe and neural network architecture performing classification tasks. CropMix is shown to improve the performance of image classifiers on several benchmark tasks across-the-board without sacrificing computational simplicity and efficiency. Moreover, we show that CropMix is of benefit to both contrastive learning and masked image modeling towards more powerful representations, where preferable results are achieved when learned representations are transferred to downstream tasks. Code is available at GitHub.


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