Critical Success Factors to Improve the Game Development Process from a Developers Perspective

by   Saiqa Aleem, et al.

The growth of the software game development industry is enormous and is gaining importance day by day. This growth imposes severe pressure and a number of issues and challenges on the game development community. Game development is a complex process, and one important game development choice is to consider the developer perspective to produce good quality software games by improving the game development process. The objective of this study is to provide a better understanding of the developers dimension as a factor in software game success. It focuses mainly on an empirical investigation of the effect of key developer factors on the software game development process and eventually on the quality of the resulting game. A quantitative survey was developed and conducted to identify key developer factors for an enhanced game development process. For this study, the developed survey was used to test the research model and hypotheses. The results provide evidence that game development organizations must deal with multiple key factors to remain competitive and to handle high pressure in the software game industry. The main contribution of this paper is to investigate empirically the influence of key developer factors on the game development process.


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