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Critical Comparative Analysis and Recommendation in MAC Protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks Using Multi-objective Optimization and Statistical Testing

by   Ankita Singh, et al.

Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) is surely one of the prominent networks in the modern era which is widely used in numerous evolving applications, viz. broadband home networking (BHN), community and neighbourhood networks (CNN), coordinated network management (CNM), and intelligent transportation systems (ITS), etc. It is a wireless network (WN) with multi-hop formed by many fixed wireless mesh routers (WMR) that are connected wirelessly with a mesh-alike backbone arrangement. In the IEEE 802.11s network, the node selection, scalability, stability, density of the nodes, mobility of the nodes, transmission power, and routing are major issues that WMN suffers. In this paper, a critical review of MAC protocols and their Quality of Service (QoS) parameters for WMN is presented to attain a better understanding of MAC protocols. Furthermore, the critical comparative analysis and recommendation of MAC procedures for WMN using Multi-objective optimization and statistical testing framework are performed. This framework is used for the analysis and recommendation of different protocols available for QoS parameters.


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