Creation of Audiovisual Screenplays with the Collaboration of Artificial Intelligence

by   Leandro Maciel , et al.

We will discuss the possibilities to develop a computer program with Artificial Intelligence that can collaborate with the craft of a screenplay. We will raise how the processes of creative writing, among them the screenwriting, can be aided or even augmented by the use of technology. Currently a complex computer program can learn to read and write from a very large set of text, that serve as a model for this program. About that, computer science professor and natural language expert, Christopher Manning, states that "the accuracy of text recognition has reached an inflection point, going from 80% in 2009 to about 95% recently." The most advanced results are achieved with Artificial Intelligence programs, from a category called Machine Learning. Programs of this type can be trained to, for example, recognize characters, words, grammatical rules or even the sentiment expressed in a text. Recently, an artist named Ross Goodwin created a program known as Benjamin, which was able to write the short films “Sunspring” (2016) and “It's no Game” (2017). Benjamin followed a corpora of science fiction scripts, writing these two films according to this cinematographic genre. But the power of computer data processing and its capabilty to absorb an immense amount of information, in order to mimic and generate texts, will allow the creation of a program that can collaborate effectively with the screenwriting? Features like text prediction and randomization can enhance writer's creativity? And, more than all of this, will the machine one day be able to understand subtleties as a conflict between two characters? Our article will seek the first answers to these questions. KEYWORDS: Screenplay, Collaborator, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning



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