Creating Experience value to build student satisfaction in higher education

by   Muji Gunarto, et al.

Higher education products or services received by students are experiential values. The purpose of this study is how to create the values of student experience so that student satisfaction arises. Higher education should now focus on students by creating strong ties with students and alumni. This research was conducted with a survey confirmatory approach. The survey was conducted at 32 universities in South Sumatra Province, Indonesia with a total sample of 357 students. The sampling technique used was stratified random sampling and data analysis using structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis. The results showed that the values of experience in HE were formed through increased cocreation in HE, where students were directly involved in various campus activities. High co-creation shows that there is a stronger attachment of students to HE and a higher value of student experience. Co-creation does not directly affect student satisfaction, but it does indirectly affect experience value. If the value of experience is higher, student satisfaction will also be higher.


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