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Crawler for Image Acquisition from World Wide Web

by   R Rajkumar, et al.

Due to the advancement in computer communication and storage technologies, large amount of image data is available on World Wide Web (WWW). In order to locate a particular set of images the available search engines may be used with the help of keywords. Here, the filtering of unwanted data is not done. For the purpose of retrieving relevant images with appropriate keyword(s) an image crawler is designed and implemented. Here, keyword(s) are submitted as query and with the help of sender engine, images are downloaded along with metadata like URL, filename, file size, file access date and time etc.,. Later, with the help of URL, images already present in repository and newly downloaded are compared for uniqueness. Only unique URLs are in turn considered and stored in repository. The images in the repository are used to build novel Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) system in future. This repository may be used for various purposes. This image crawler tool is useful in building image datasets which can be used by any CBIR system for training and testing purposes.


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