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CPU Scheduling in Data Centers Using Asynchronous Finite-Time Distributed Coordination Mechanisms

by   Andreas Grammenos, et al.

We propose an asynchronous iterative scheme which allows a set of interconnected nodes to distributively reach an agreement to within a pre-specified bound in a finite number of steps. While this scheme could be adopted in a wide variety of applications, we discuss it within the context of task scheduling for data centers. In this context, the algorithm is guaranteed to approximately converge to the optimal scheduling plan, given the available resources, in a finite number of steps. Furthermore, being asynchronous, the proposed scheme is able to take in account the uncertainty that can be introduced from straggler nodes or communication issues in the form of latency variability while still converging to the target objective. In addition, by using extensive empirical evaluation through simulations we show that the proposed method exhibits state-of-the-art performance.


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