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COVID-19 Detection and Analysis From Lung CT Images using Novel Channel Boosted CNNs

by   Saddam Hussain Khan, et al.

In December 2019, the global pandemic COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, affected human life and the worldwide economy. Therefore, an efficient diagnostic system is required to control its spread. However, the automatic diagnostic system poses challenges with a limited amount of labeled data, minor contrast variation, and high structural similarity between infection and background. In this regard, a new two-phase deep convolutional neural network (CNN) based diagnostic system is proposed to detect minute irregularities and analyze COVID-19 infection. In the first phase, a novel SB-STM-BRNet CNN is developed, incorporating a new channel Squeezed and Boosted (SB) and dilated convolutional-based Split-Transform-Merge (STM) block to detect COVID-19 infected lung CT images. The new STM blocks performed multi-path region-smoothing and boundary operations, which helped to learn minor contrast variation and global COVID-19 specific patterns. Furthermore, the diverse boosted channels are achieved using the SB and Transfer Learning concepts in STM blocks to learn texture variation between COVID-19-specific and healthy images. In the second phase, COVID-19 infected images are provided to the novel COVID-CB-RESeg segmentation CNN to identify and analyze COVID-19 infectious regions. The proposed COVID-CB-RESeg methodically employed region-homogeneity and heterogeneity operations in each encoder-decoder block and boosted-decoder using auxiliary channels to simultaneously learn the low illumination and boundaries of the COVID-19 infected region. The proposed diagnostic system yields good performance in terms of accuracy: 98.21 Similarity: 96.40 proposed diagnostic system would reduce the burden and strengthen the radiologist's decision for a fast and accurate COVID-19 diagnosis.


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