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Coswara: A website application enabling COVID-19 screening by analysing respiratory sound samples and health symptoms

by   Debarpan Bhattacharya, et al.
indian institute of science

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated research on design of alternative, quick and effective COVID-19 diagnosis approaches. In this paper, we describe the Coswara tool, a website application designed to enable COVID-19 detection by analysing respiratory sound samples and health symptoms. A user using this service can log into a website using any device connected to the internet, provide there current health symptom information and record few sound sampled corresponding to breathing, cough, and speech. Within a minute of analysis of this information on a cloud server the website tool will output a COVID-19 probability score to the user. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to demand massive and scalable population level testing, we hypothesize that the proposed tool provides a potential solution towards this.


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