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Cost-sensitive C4.5 with post-pruning and competition

by   Zilong Xu, et al.
NetEase, Inc

Decision tree is an effective classification approach in data mining and machine learning. In applications, test costs and misclassification costs should be considered while inducing decision trees. Recently, some cost-sensitive learning algorithms based on ID3 such as CS-ID3, IDX, λ-ID3 have been proposed to deal with the issue. These algorithms deal with only symbolic data. In this paper, we develop a decision tree algorithm inspired by C4.5 for numeric data. There are two major issues for our algorithm. First, we develop the test cost weighted information gain ratio as the heuristic information. According to this heuristic information, our algorithm is to pick the attribute that provides more gain ratio and costs less for each selection. Second, we design a post-pruning strategy through considering the tradeoff between test costs and misclassification costs of the generated decision tree. In this way, the total cost is reduced. Experimental results indicate that (1) our algorithm is stable and effective; (2) the post-pruning technique reduces the total cost significantly; (3) the competition strategy is effective to obtain a cost-sensitive decision tree with low cost.


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