Corrected trapezoidal rules for singular implicit boundary integrals

by   Federico Izzo, et al.

We present new higher-order quadratures for a family of boundary integral operators re-derived using the approach introduced in [Kublik, Tanushev, and Tsai - J. Comp. Phys. 247: 279-311, 2013]. In this formulation, a boundary integral over a smooth, closed hypersurface is transformed into an equivalent volume integral defined in a sufficiently thin tubular neighborhood of the surface. The volumetric formulation makes it possible to use the simple trapezoidal rule on uniform Cartesian grids and relieves the need to use parameterization for developing quadrature. Consequently, typical point singularities in a layer potential extend along the surface's normal lines. We propose new higher-order corrections to the trapezoidal rule on the grid nodes around the singularities. This correction is based on local decompositions of the singularity and is dependent on the angle of approach to the singularity relative to the surface's principal curvature directions. The proposed decomposition, combined with the volumetric formulation, leads to a special quadrature error cancellation.



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