Corpus Phonetics Tutorial

11/13/2018 ∙ by Eleanor Chodroff, et al. ∙ 0

Corpus phonetics has become an increasingly popular method of research in linguistic analysis. With advances in speech technology and computational power, large scale processing of speech data has become a viable technique. This tutorial introduces the speech scientist and engineer to various automatic speech processing tools. These include acoustic model creation and forced alignment using the Kaldi Automatic Speech Recognition Toolkit (Povey et al., 2011), forced alignment using FAVE-align (Rosenfelder et al., 2014), the Montreal Forced Aligner (McAuliffe et al., 2017), and the Penn Phonetics Lab Forced Aligner (Yuan & Liberman, 2008), as well as stop consonant burst alignment using AutoVOT (Keshet et al., 2014). The tutorial provides a general overview of each program, step-by-step instructions for running the program, as well as several tips and tricks.



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