Coronary Artery Segmentation from Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography Using Deep Capsules

by   Arjun Balaji, et al.

The segmentation and analysis of coronary arteries from intravascular optical coherence tomography (IVOCT) is an important aspect of diagnosing and managing coronary artery disease. However, automated, robust IVOCT image analysis tools are lacking. Current image processing methods are hindered by the time needed to generate these expert-labelled datasets and also the potential for bias during the analysis. Here we present a new deep learning method based on capsules to automatically produce lumen segmentations, built using a large IVOCT dataset of 12,011 images with ground-truth segmentations. This dataset contains images with both blood and light artefacts (22.8 from metallic (23.1 a dataset containing 9,608 images. We rigorously investigate design variations with respect to upsampling regimes and input selection and validate our deep learning model using 2,403 images. We show that our fully trained and optimized model achieves a mean Soft Dice Score of 97.11 IVOCT images in an acceptable timeframe of 12 seconds and outperforms current algorithms.


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