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COREALMLIB: An ALM Library Translated from the Component Library

by   Daniela Inclezan, et al.
Miami University

This paper presents COREALMLIB, an ALM library of commonsense knowledge about dynamic domains. The library was obtained by translating part of the COMPONENT LIBRARY (CLIB) into the modular action language ALM. CLIB consists of general reusable and composable commonsense concepts, selected based on a thorough study of ontological and lexical resources. Our translation targets CLIB states (i.e., fluents) and actions. The resulting ALM library contains the descriptions of 123 action classes grouped into 43 reusable modules that are organized into a hierarchy. It is made available online and of interest to researchers in the action language, answer-set programming, and natural language understanding communities. We believe that our translation has two main advantages over its CLIB counterpart: (i) it specifies axioms about actions in a more elaboration tolerant and readable way, and (ii) it can be seamlessly integrated with ASP reasoning algorithms (e.g., for planning and postdiction). In contrast, axioms are described in CLIB using STRIPS-like operators, and CLIB's inference engine cannot handle planning nor postdiction. Under consideration for publication in TPLP.


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