CorbFuzz: Checking Browser Security Policies with Fuzzing

by   Chaofan Shou, et al.

Browsers use security policies to block malicious behaviors. Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) is a browser security policy for preventing side-channel attacks such as Spectre. We propose a web browser security policy fuzzer called CorbFuzz for checking CORB and similar policies. In implementing a security policy, the browser only has access to HTTP requests and responses, and takes policy actions based solely on those interactions. In checking the browser security policies, CorbFuzz uses a policy oracle that tracks the web application behavior and infers the desired policy action based on the web application state. By comparing the policy oracle with the browser behavior, CorbFuzz detects weaknesses in browser security policies. CorbFuzz checks the web browser policy by fuzzing a set of web applications where the state-related queries are symbolically evaluated for increased coverage and automation. CorbFuzz collects type information from database queries and branch conditions in order to prevent the generation of inconsistent data values during fuzzing. We evaluated CorbFuzz on CORB implementations of Chromium and Webkit, and Opaque Response Blocking (ORB) policy implementation of Firefox using web applications collected from GitHub. We found three classes of weaknesses in Chromium's implementation of CORB.



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