Coordinated Science Laboratory 70th Anniversary Symposium: The Future of Computing

by   Klara Nahrstedt, et al.

In 2021, the Coordinated Science Laboratory CSL, an Interdisciplinary Research Unit at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, hosted the Future of Computing Symposium to celebrate its 70th anniversary. CSL's research covers the full computing stack, computing's impact on society and the resulting need for social responsibility. In this white paper, we summarize the major technological points, insights, and directions that speakers brought forward during the Future of Computing Symposium. Participants discussed topics related to new computing paradigms, technologies, algorithms, behaviors, and research challenges to be expected in the future. The symposium focused on new computing paradigms that are going beyond traditional computing and the research needed to support their realization. These needs included stressing security and privacy, the end to end human cyber physical systems and with them the analysis of the end to end artificial intelligence needs. Furthermore, advances that enable immersive environments for users, the boundaries between humans and machines will blur and become seamless. Particular integration challenges were made clear in the final discussion on the integration of autonomous driving, robo taxis, pedestrians, and future cities. Innovative approaches were outlined to motivate the next generation of researchers to work on these challenges. The discussion brought out the importance of considering not just individual research areas, but innovations at the intersections between computing research efforts and relevant application domains, such as health care, transportation, energy systems, and manufacturing.


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