Cooperative Pathfinding based on memory-efficient Multi-agent RRT*

by   Jiang Jinmingwu, et al.

In cooperative pathfinding problems, no-conflicts paths that bring several agents from their start location to their destination need to be planned. This problem can be efficiently solved by Multi-agent RRT*(MA-RRT*) algorithm, which offers better scalability than the classical algorithm such as Optimal Anytime(OA) in sparse environments. However, the implementation of this algorithm is limited because the memory the algorithm required grows indefinitely as the paths get optimized. This paper proposes an improved version of the Multi-agent RRT*(MA-RRT*) algorithm, called Multi-agent RRT* Fixed Node(MA-RRT*FN), which limits the memory of the MA-RRT*. The results show that the MA-RRT*FN performs as well as the MA-RRT* while the memory required is fixed.


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