COOJA Network Simulator: Exploring the Infinite Possible Ways to Compute the Performance Metrics of IOT Based Smart Devices to Understand the Working of IOT Based Compression &

by   Tayyab Mehmood, et al.

This paper demonstrates the scheme regarding Internet of Things (IOT) which is well thought-out the next generation of Internet. IOT explicitly elaborates the assimilation of human beings and physical systems, as they can cooperate with each other so leading towards a sort of encroachment in networking by interconnecting things together while making use of wireless embedded systems, said to be the building blocks of IOT, that are capable to be given an IP address and thus making them part of the global internet. Several essential approaches that entail in IOT and supports this innovation are being argued in this paper. 6LoWPAN (IPV6 Low Power Personal Area Networks) is a protocol used to appropriately and efficiently use IPV6 addresses. Control messages of RPL routing protocol for low power devices are discussed to understand the working of RPL protocol. In the end Contiki OS based COOJA Network simulator is used to demonstrate the working of how these routing and compression protocol works in real time simulation.


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