Convergent adaptive hybrid higher-order schemes for convex minimization

by   Carsten Carstensen, et al.

This paper proposes two convergent adaptive mesh-refining algorithms for the hybrid high-order method in convex minimization problems with two-sided p-growth. Examples include the p-Laplacian, an optimal design problem in topology optimization, and the convexified double-well problem. The hybrid high-order method utilizes a gradient reconstruction in the space of piecewise Raviart-Thomas finite element functions without stabilization on triangulations into simplices or in the space of piecewise polynomials with stabilization on polytopal meshes. The main results imply the convergence of the energy and, under further convexity properties, of the approximations of the primal resp. dual variable. Numerical experiments illustrate an efficient approximation of singular minimizers and improved convergence rates for higher polynomial degrees. Computer simulations provide striking numerical evidence that an adopted adaptive HHO algorithm can overcome the Lavrentiev gap phenomenon even with empirical higher convergence rates.



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