Convergence of a series associated with the convexification method for coefficient inverse problems

by   Michael V. Klibanov, et al.

This paper is concerned with the convergence of a series associated with a certain version of the convexification method. That version has been recently developed by the research group of the first author for solving coefficient inverse problems. The convexification method aims to construct a globally convex Tikhonov-like functional with a Carleman Weight Function in it. In the previous works the construction of the strictly convex weighted Tikhonov-like functional assumes a truncated Fourier series (i.e. a finite series instead of an infinite one) for a function generated by the total wave field. In this paper we prove a convergence property for this truncated Fourier series approximation. More precisely, we show that the residual of the approximate PDE obtained by using the truncated Fourier series tends to zero in L^2 as the truncation index in the truncated Fourier series tends to infinity. The proof relies on a convergence result in the H^1-norm for a sequence of L^2-orthogonal projections on finite-dimensional subspaces spanned by elements of a special Fourier basis. However, due to the ill-posed nature of coefficient inverse problems, we cannot prove that the solution of that approximate PDE, which results from the minimization of that Tikhonov-like functional, converges to the correct solution.


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