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Convergence Analysis of Volumetric Stretch Energy Minimization and its Associated Optimal Mass Transport

by   Tsung-Ming Huang, et al.

The volumetric stretch energy has been widely applied to the computation of volume-/mass-preserving parameterizations of simply connected tetrahedral mesh models. However, this approach still lacks theoretical support. In this paper, we provide the theoretical foundation for volumetric stretch energy minimization (VSEM) to compute volume-/mass-preserving parameterizations. In addition, we develop an associated efficient VSEM algorithm with guaranteed asymptotic R-linear convergence. Furthermore, based on the VSEM algorithm, we propose a projected gradient method for the computation of the volume/mass-preserving optimal mass transport map with a guaranteed convergence rate of 𝒪(1/m), and combined with Nesterov-based acceleration, the guaranteed convergence rate becomes 𝒪(1/m^2). Numerical experiments are presented to justify the theoretical convergence behavior for various examples drawn from known benchmark models. Moreover, these numerical experiments show the effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed algorithm, particularly in the processing of 3D medical MRI brain images.


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