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Controllable Face Aging

by   Haien Zeng, et al.

Motivated by the following two observations: 1) people are aging differently under different conditions for changeable facial attributes, e.g., skin color may become darker when working outside, and 2) it needs to keep some unchanged facial attributes during the aging process, e.g., race and gender, we propose a controllable face aging method via attribute disentanglement generative adversarial network. To offer fine control over the synthesized face images, first, an individual embedding of the face is directly learned from an image that contains the desired facial attribute. Second, since the image may contain other unwanted attributes, an attribute disentanglement network is used to separate the individual embedding and learn the common embedding that contains information about the face attribute (e.g., race). With the common embedding, we can manipulate the generated face image with the desired attribute in an explicit manner. Experimental results on two common benchmarks demonstrate that our proposed generator achieves comparable performance on the aging effect with state-of-the-art baselines while gaining more flexibility for attribute control. Code is available at supplementary material.


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